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Since 1995

Pasta has been a staple in Saline County for over 20 yrs, winning Saline County's best Italian for so many years we stopped counting... In 2015 we were in the process of opening a Little Rock location, and our next move was to be Monticello, Conway, and Fayettville, all depending on how events played out.  Well, they didn't play at all.   Somehow, a group of people conspired to hurt Pasta Jack's Restaurants, and before you can say, "may I take your order", Pasta Jack's is with no locations...!!! but this cannot be, I've never heard of such a thing.... 

What happened...??

 Good question, we're still speechless, and cannot figure how a group of individuals could be convinced to stop honoring their agreements.  we believe our day in court will reveal the planned actions to hurt this company.

Excited about the future

Yes we are....!!!  We refuse to compromise on quality, from our recipes to customer contacts, we're going to exceed expectations.  Over these last years,  our company vision was lost and the marketplace doesn't even know what a "Vintage Pasta Jack's"  is  and we're gonna make things right again,  In fact presently we have been shown  interest in our next move... So are we excited about the future..??  Yes we are..!!!

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